Full-Time Membership (Shared Desk)

$200.00 / month

Full-time membership with all coworking amenities including 24/7 access. Grab a seat and work in any of the shared space areas. Monitor/keyboard/mouse available for docking at most shared desks. Membership subject to approval. See additional details below.



  • Rate is for single membership for one person
  • No lease, no deposit. Cancel any time with 30 days notice.
  • Discounted day passes required for guests. e.g. if you have someone working from the space. Clients and short-term guests for meetings do not require a day pass.
  • Unlimited days per month
  • Schedule/Reserve Conference room at no additional cost. (maximum 2 hours per day. Approval needed for longer consecutive bookings.)
  • Host events at the space at no cost. (must be free/open events, additional cost for paid or private events)
  • Key FOB or Access Code for 24/7 access to the space.
  • Free Mail Service ($30/month value. Suite number provided.)
  • Free Coffee/Tea/Water/Soda and some snacks provided for members. Food and drink are for members only. Water and coffee available for guests during meetings.