Sew-In Does Sew Much Good

Sew Dignified, hard at work for The Nourish Collective

On Sunday, February 10th, 2019 CenterSpace played host to our friends from the Sew Dignified group, of the The Nourish Collective, so they could have a space to do a sew-in for the day. The Nourish Collective, for those who haven’t made their acquaintance, is a volunteer organization that works, both at home and abroad, to foster sustainable, dignified solutions to individuals and communities dealing with poverty, disease, and despair. This sew-in was part of an effort to produce reusable feminine hygiene products for women and girls in Africa who do not have access to such supplies and, as such, suffer both in their general sanitary health and due to rampant social stigmas.

Coaster not included.

Each kit contains a cloth carrying bag, a ziplock bag, a wash cloth, two panties, 2 shields, 8 liners, and a bar of soap. The kits are designed to last for an entire cycle, are washable, and should last for about three years of use. On Sunday, the group managed to produce 78 FULL kits for the collective, which will be part of a shipment of 270 kits that will be going to woman and girls in need in Ghana and Madagascar.

Ready to go do some good.

Sew Dignified’s next Sew-In at CenterSpace will be on March 30th at 10am. Reach out to them on Facebook if you’re interested in donating time or materials to this noble, much needed cause.

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